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The End of Life Namaste Care program for People with Dementia

A Letter From Our Founder:

Namaste Care™ began in a single nursing home in Bennington, VT. From these humble beginnings, the program can now be found in assisted living communities and hospice organizations worldwide. Within the U.S., Namaste Care™ is offered by Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care, which has 25 programs in 19 states and 16 inpatient units. Internationally, there are established Namaste Care programs in Australia, Scotland, and England. 2016 saw the development of programs in Shalom Village, Hamilton, Ontario and Saskatoon Convalescent Home, in Saskatoon, Canada. This past February we opened the first Namaste Care program in Iceland. This fall we will begin a four year research project in the Netherlands.

The Namaste Care™ program is an extension of my efforts to educate family and professional care partners so that they can help people LIVE - not just exist - with irreversible dementia like Alzheimer's disease. I do not think that keeping a person clean, fed, and groomed is living; this is merely existing. People need to be engaged in meaningful activities, they need to feel wanted, loved, need to feel as if they still can contribute.

Namaste Care™ is based on the power of loving touch and is in fact, very powerful. I constantly hear stories of residents in the program talking after they had stopped having conversations with family members. In the past few months, two daughters told me that their mothers told them, "I love you," words they had not heard for a very long time. These experiences validate for me the importance of our work and the need to spread our message of the need for meaningful activities for persons with dementia .

I have always tried to seize whatever opportunities life presents me and, as much as possible, to see opportunities in other people's obstacles. Robert Kennedy said "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" That is what I also believe.

Thank you for taking time to visit this web site.


Joyce Simard