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Dear Friends

Thank you for taking time to visit our Namaste Care™ web site. It’s hard to believe that Namaste Care™ began at the Vermont Veterans Home in Bennington, Vermont over 10 years ago. Our program can now be found in assisted living communities, hospice organizations and in eight countries!

I originally thought that because Alzheimer’s disease is a seven-day a week disease, Namaste Care™ should be a seven-day a week program that takes place in the morning and afternoon. Now, I realize that for some organizations seven days a week is just not possible, so perhaps that is the goal, but just getting it started is what matters. Many times when the staff and families see that their loved one is smiling and non-verbal people start speaking as Namaste Care™ is being offered, the program just naturally grows.

I have also come to realize that Namaste Care™ is appropriate for not just people with advanced dementia. One large hospice offers Namaste Care™ to all patients from all disciplines.

This year I am writing the third edition of “The End-of-Life Namaste Care Program for People with Dementia” and it will reflect these changes as well as cultural differences.

What will not change are the two basic principles of Namaste Care™, the special environment that is as free of distractions as possible and has music and scents that are pleasing for the person and the unhurried loving touch approach to care.

The amazingly creative people I have the pleasure to meet in person or through emails have helped me grow Namaste Care™ and it continues to blossom in ways I never dreamed!

I look forward to hearing from you so please email me at joycesimard@earthlink.net your ideas or stories about your Namaste Care™.

Thank you for taking time to visit, and Namaste,

Joyce Simard